Reusable Fruit and Vegetable Bags

Thanks to my friend Julie, Inspired Moments Gifts now has a new item available for sale – reusable fruit and vegetable bags!  And these bags are super-stylish, washable, and more sturdy than your average net bags.  Look at how awesome they are.  =)


Now I’m sure you can’t wait to order some for yourself and everyone you know…

Zippered Backpack Purse

This purse kicked my…ahem.  Excuse me.  Let me start again.  Lovely though it is, this pattern was an exercise in patience.  And required a great deal of assistance from my mom to keep my sanity.  I’ll just say we’re glad it’s done.  Though I do think it came out pretty decent in the end (minus some unfinished edges on the inside that still bother me when I allow myself to think about them).  While I may come back to it at some point, I have shelved the pattern for now and am moving on to less confusing things!

Latest Sewing Projects

I’ve finally had some time to sew again!  We needed a new mass bag for church so I thought I’d dig out some scraps of fabric (all from the remnants bin) and try out a tote bag pattern I have.  It came out pretty cute, although I still might think about designing my own tote one of these days.  I do like that it has a separating zipper at the top and a pocket on the outside, but I don’t like that there is no pocket on the inside.  If I’d been thinking I would have added one.

Mom and I love little sewing shops.  Our favorite is our friend Kim’s quilt shop, Hennig House, just up the street from us.  Alex loves going with us because she has goats, cows and some hens (which of course he has named).  Kim has her own line of patterns, kits and other goodies, Buttons and Bees, and I recently picked up a cute apron pattern and thought I’d give it a try with some nice fabrics sitting on my shelf.  If you’re ever up this way, be sure to stop by and visit her shop for tons of great ideas, especially if you fancy yourself a quilter!

My fabric “stash” has really grown and I have so many project ideas just waiting for me.  I have a few new ideas for my own patterns too so hopefully soon I’ll have some more to post!


Now that Christmas has come and gone I can finally post a few pictures of some of my purses that were purchased as gifts.  Cousin Cathy lent an artistic hand with her beautiful choices of fabric for some of these.
my very first zippered coin purse

I’ve added a new “small” size to my herbal hot/cold packs

As soon as I download my pictures from the camera, I’ll have a few more of my most recently completed purses and zippered pouches.  Stay tuned…

Introducing Inspired Moments Gifts!

I have been busy.  
Really busy.  
I’m not one to sit around and wait for things to do, so being busy is nothing new to me.  But being this busy is and I’m exhausted.  And elated, because the launch of my new business, Inspired Moments Gifts has gone really well and I’m enjoying the work immensely.  I’ve sold a number of my purses, gift bags and hot/cold therapy packs already and I’ve had a number of requests for more!
Give me just a moment to show off a few of my creations.
Construction of my very first purse – The Hold Everything Wallet


My second purse, The Everything Bag
My Fabric Reusable Gift Bags (various sizes and styles)
My Hot/Cold Herbal Therapy
Made with 100% flax seeds and dried lavender

My Sunday Afternoon Bag (not so secretly my favorite)
Most of these items have already sold, but I still have a few available (hint, hint).  I’m already spending my few last available brain cells on ideas for new styles coming up this next year.  I’m absolutely thrilled to admit that I have enough orders right now to keep me busy until the end of this year.
Happy sewing to me!