Do You Drink Coffee?

If you make your own, then save your coffee grounds!  Here are a few earth-friendly ways to dispose of them:

  • Sprinkle around garden beds and plants before watering for a slow-release source of nitrogen
  • Mix into new soil for gardens or plants
  • Add to your compost pile (if, of course, you have one) along with the filter and/or tea bags (they break down quickly when composting)
  • Mix with water for liquid fertilizer
  • And worms love coffee grounds too, so be sure to share with them

Despite the heat and severe drought we are experiencing in Texas right now, my herbs are growing beautifully, and have become bigger and a deeper green with the addition of my daily coffee grounds.  A necessary start to my day just become even less of a guilty pleasure now that I can responsibly “recycle” what’s left behind!