Eight Years

Dear Alex,

Eight years!  Sometimes you seem so grown up already that’s it hard to remember you were a curious, wide-eyed toddler not all that long ago.  You’ve grown in your love of animals and nature, but you still drop everything to build a Lego set!  This past year you have discovered a love of herbs and history and you’ve become very confident in riding a bike.  It’s now one of your favorite things to do (even though last year you swore you would go your whole life without riding a bike).

Given the choice, you still choose to spend your time outdoors in the sunshine, and while you don’t mind a bit of cold during your winter, you still love hot summer days best.  You’re happy to swim for hours in Granny and Pappy’s pool or work on a new Star Wars or Indiana Jones Lego set with Pappy.  You can spend hours upon hours on the phone with Joey building imaginary sets and playing the best made-up games that the two of you create.

Your favorite thing in the world to do is still go to the zoo, and you still want to be a zoologist when you grow up more than anything else.  You are thoughtful, silly and sweet, and still love to snuggle during family reading time.  I am thankful for every day I spend with you.  I love you to the moon and back.

Love Mom


One thought on “Eight Years

  1. Oh Alex, I can’t believe that you are 8 already. It seems like just yesterday and you were crawling around the house and yard. The picture that Mom put on here is priceless! I love you, Granny


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