Outside my window… it’s dark and quiet.  I can hear the hum of the dehumidifier and a meow from Gracie every now and then.  It’s a peaceful, happy end to a long, busy day.

I am remembering… Alex walking into the kitchen last night with the “mark of the dragon” on his forehead, which he had drawn with a marker.  And if that wasn’t enough, because he is so immersed in How to Train Your Dragon right now, he added more marks to his chest and arms and proudly marched off declaring that now he looked like Hiccup.

I am thankful… for the voice of my sister on the other end of the line.  Some days it just idle chatter, other days it’s deep, meaningful discussions, but whether it’s a two minute “I just have to tell you real quick…” or an hour long “I don’t know what to do about this…” it always makes my heart feel happy to hear her voice and know she is just a phone call away.


In the kitchen… strawberry vanilla jam. And tomorrow the start of our ginger bug for making homemade, fermented soda.


I am looking forward to… seeing our animal friends at Pioneer Farms again.  After a break this summer a new spot opened up for us in the evenings.  We’ve really missed spending time with the donkeys, chickens, rabbits, horses and pig and walking the dusty trails that are reminiscent of a time long past.  It feels adventurous to step out of our modern life for a couple hours and getting a chance to immerse ourselves in the simple joys of farm life.

From the schoolroom… We finished up Christopher Columbus last week and have a week off before we return to study Jamestown for the next six weeks.

I am reading… Pocketful of Pinecones by Karen Andreola.  Stacie has been after me for a while to read it and although I am only a few chapters into it, it has definitely been a fun and delightful read so far, as promised. And, my hold at the library finally came through last night and I started The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne.

I am wearing… my favorite comfy clothes in the world…black capris, a burgundy t-shirt, and my zip-up sweatshirt.  Yes, a sweatshirt.  In Texas.  In September.

One of my favorite things… crossing off my checklist.

A peak into my day… 


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4 thoughts on “Daybook

  1. There are so many things here that I want to comment on! I love our chats, too…it always feels strange to go even a day without talking to you! I wish we lived next door to each other, but despite our distance, I still feel close by hearing your voice so often. I’m excited that you’re reading Pocketful of Pinecones and I can’t wait to hear your take on The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I’m getting some criticism from another mom that it’s not a good choice for the boys, but I’m holding steady. I want my boys to connect with history on a human level…to feel empathy for the people in those times. Stalin said that one death is a tragedy, many deaths are a statistic. I don’t want my kids to see World War II and all the deaths as a statistic. I love the outdoor school photo! It makes my heart sing!!!

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    • Take the criticism as a good sign! As with most things today, going against the culture usually means making a change, and if ever our world needed change, now is the time. We chose to homeschool for many of the same reasons and one of those is giving our children an education beyond textbooks and statistics…the more our kids connect on that human level, the more they will be personally involved in their world and their future! I wish you lived next door too…but could you imagine? We’d never be at our own houses!


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