Outside my window… a whole flock of doves and a few small house finches snatching up the last little bits of bird seed for the evening.  August has been unusually mild this year and we’ve had more rain than in past years.  It’s nice to look out on a green lawn and wildflowers still blooming in Alex’s garden.

I am remembering… our past year volunteering at Pioneer Farms.




I am thankful… for audio books. Alex always has at least five or six on loan from the library and he carries his Kindle with him faithfully wherever he goes so he can listen to stories while he plays.

In the kitchen… nothing.  We have been working our way through stuff sitting on the pantry shelves for a while now and we’re getting close to not having enough to make a decent tasting meal.  Time for meal planning and a grocery list!

From the garden… It wasn’t our best harvest this year, but it certainly wasn’t our worst.  We had quite a few butternut squash early in the season along with green beans galore.  But Alex’s one tomato plant was the star of this season.  It outgrew three tomato cages and ended up being cut back four times before it finally gave up growing more tomatoes!






From the schoolroom… Second grade is finally underway and we have embarked upon a slightly different path this year.  I’m not sure how well I’m adjusting, but it seems to work well with Alex’s learning style.  He is really enjoying the focus on history this year but he still asks every day if we will be studying more about animals.

I am reading… Wizard’s First Rule, again.  I remember why I loved the Sword of Truth books the first time around.  I am also reading Serena for book club and wondering why I keep turning the pages, but I do.  And I am reading Fablehaven to see if it is something Alex would enjoy as he gets older.

I am looking forward… to camping as the weather cools down.  Our last experience left everyone a bit frustrated after attempting to take all three dogs, so we are going to try again minus the two small dogs and possibly minus the big one too!

One of my favorite things… bedtime reading with Alex.  We are almost done with Ember Falls.  As soon as the audio is available I can look forward to listening to it over and over and over again!

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