7 Years

Dear Alex,

It is hard to believe you are seven years old.  It seems like just yesterday you were climbing into my lap for another round of Brown Bear, Brown Bear or Look to the North.  Now, you read chapter books like Magic Tree House, Beast Quest and Geronimo Stilton all by yourself.  It doesn’t seem all that long ago you were still snuggling up for an afternoon nap.  Now you’re too busy to stop long enough to sit still for more than a moment!

Our days are filled with school books and reading books, lessons in the fort and long hikes in the woods.  More often than not, when it comes to the animal world, you are now the teacher and it’s amazing how much you know about animals I’ve never even heard of!  You still want to be a zoologist when you grow up.  While many things change…that never does.

You love reading and legos.  Some days it’s hard to tell which one you love more, but you almost always have one or the other in hand, no matter what else you are doing.  You can work on lego sets for hours and you usually hum the theme song to Star Wars while you are building.  I love the afternoons when I can hear you and Joey playing a game on the phone and both of you are shouting out Star Wars songs at the top of your lungs, happy and carefree.

I love watching you grow and I treasure every moment I have with you.  I’m so thankful to be your mom.  I love you always.