Outside my window: the sun is out and the weather is warming up quickly…signs of Spring are everywhere!

I am remembering: our trip to the Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo this week with our friends Karen and Paul.  I’ve never seen a pig race before, but it was hilarious!  Alex’s favorite part of course was the petting zoo.

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I am thankful: that I can share a coffee with my Mom at our favorite local coffee shop Dazzle Coffee every once in a while on a day when I really need a break!

In the kitchen: homemade strawberry jam.  I finally canned my first batch of homemade jam – and it was so good I’m not sure I will ever buy store-bought again.  We’ve been living off Aunt Stacie’s jam for a while now…I decided it was finally time to try my own.


From the garden: more sugar snap peas…they are literally overflowing in the garden.  They grew right through every freeze we had all winter long and when I went out to finally pull them today so we could start prepping for our spring garden, I realized they were still growing!


From the Schoolroom: We spent some time the past couple of weeks studying and reading about Saint Patrick and the history of Saint Patrick’s Day.  Here are a few things Alex enjoyed most.

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One of my favorite things: Sunny, Texas days.  It took Alex less than 10 minutes to fall asleep tonight after playing outside all afternoon.  I think that’s a record!

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Outside my window: it’s dark, but Alex still isn’t asleep.  Daylight Savings Time always throws off our routine.

I am remembering: the pure joy on Alex’s face when our guide at the Austin Aquarium Field Trip asked him if he wanted to hold a big red-tailed boa all by himself.  “Mommy, it was really heavy!” he told me afterwards.  That moment alone was worth the entire trip.  But it was so much fun to watch him constantly work his way to the front of the group so he could hear everything that was said.  For a talkative six-year old, he was surprisingly quiet during all the right moments.  He even raised his hand to ask a question (first time he has had to do that!).


I am thankful: for bedtime.  My day is filled with so much activity and so many demands that I value the quiet time that comes with sleep more than I ever have before.

I am creating: organization out of the chaos.  When you live in the same place for ten years, it is easy to hide stuff away and before you know it, it seems to take on a life of its own!  I’m busy cleaning up and cleaning out.  I’ll do a little now, a little later and maybe one day it will all get done.

In the kitchen: Leftover Pioneer Woman’s Beef Pot Roast.  Simple, but good-for-what-ails-you food.

From the Schoolroom: Magic Tree House Leprechaun in Late Winter and the companion facts book as we get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

One of my favorite things: Watching the boys work together on a project.  In this case, we stopped by Home Depot early on Saturday morning and it happened to be the first Saturday of the month – kid’s program day!


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Geography Highlight: The Brazilian Rain Forest









The Brazilian Tropical Rain Forest is one of the greatest places on Earth in Alex’s world, because it is home to more of his favorite animals and reptiles than any other single place.  So it only made sense that we would spend our whole week of geography on Brazil studying tropical rain forests.  His big project was a diorama and he spent every waking moment talking about making it and how he was going to do it.  Thankfully we had some great plans to help us out from Erica over at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  Final outcome – pretty awesome!


Outside my window: It’s overcast and dreary…again.  And cold weather is on its way later this week.  Cold as in icy, freezing rain and below 32 degrees temperatures.  In March.  In Texas.  This has been such a strange winter.

I am remembering: Alex’s sixth birthday and how much fun he had with his cousins at the Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo in New Braunfels.  We offered him a birthday party, but he declined and said he would prefer to see the snakes with Joseph, William and Andrew.  The excitement and joy on his face when they arrived was worth the trip and he went to bed that night tired (which almost never happens to him no matter how busy he is during the day) but so happy.














I am thankful: for Motherhood and the forced growing pains that go along with it.  And for all the long nights and endless days of trying to figure it all out.  It isn’t easy.  But it is the ultimate definition of “worth it”.

I am creating: School plans for our next year.  I’m sorting through what we have used so far, what we like and don’t like, and what we want to try this next year.  It can be very overwhelming to realize how many options are actually available!

In the kitchen: a crazy mess with this Whole30 plan.  I feel like I’ve been living in the kitchen.  I’m in there from sun-up to sun-down with short journeys to the schoolroom to teach and the laundry room to fold laundry.  Beyond that, I have cut more vegetables, planned more meals, done more grocery shopping than I can ever remember doing before.  It has consumed my entire life lately.  One week into it, and I am officially dropping out.  I realized during this week that while this is supposed to make life better, it was creating more stress than I was ready to accept for changes in my diet.  While I applaud all those who attempt and those who complete a Whole30, it is not for me.  Back to our Paleo meals for us.

From the Schoolroom: Finally past the half-way point, and continuing along happily with our studies.  We have a field trip this Friday to the Austin Aquarium with our FISCHE group that Alex is super-excited about.

I am reading: Whispers Along the Rail by Judith Miller (because I can never pass up a good romance), and The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise.

One of my favorite things: Reading with Alex.  He loves to read and devours just about any book he finds laying around, although given the choice, he most often will choose a book about snakes or reptiles to sit and read.  We’ve had a lot of fun reading Harry Potter, The Happy Hollisters, and Geronimo Stilton – Kingdom of Fantasy books so far this year during our school reading time.

I am reminiscing: about having one of these when I was a kid too.


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