"Snow" in Austin and a little bit of EVERYTHING else…

If you’ve ever wondered what snow in Austin, Texas looks like here is your chance to get a good look…don’t miss it.  I swear it is there.

Now for a little bit of everything else from the past month or two.  Warning: they are not organized in any way, some are completely random, and I’m certain I’m leaving out something important – like say, Christmas.  I keep waiting for time to sit down and write up some great posts on what we’ve been doing, but life is happening and there is never enough time to think, let alone compose something.  So instead, this is what you get.  Messy.  Crazy.  Just like us!
Making Poinsettias

Alex petting an iguana

My boys dressed up for Christmas Mass…
(one of my favorites from this past year)

Studying the presents under the tree

New Geopuzzle to put together

Our “Happy Birthday Jesus” Cake for Christmas Day 
(see, I did find a couple Christmas pictures to include)

Christmas Day dinner – look closely at my child…

Look closely again…notice a theme this year? 

And because we are hardly ever in pictures and I love this guy, 
here we are, ready to fall asleep after that huge dinner of prime rib

Viruses and Germs – one of my least favorite topics!

I put this one in because Alex walked right up and said, “Look, Mom.  DNA code.” 
like we have been studying DNA, which we have not.

Snow and ice in Austin wouldn’t be as much fun without
freezing a few action figures to excavate the next morning.

The boys at Alex’s first hockey game – The Texas Stars in Cedar Park

Finally, here it is – photo evidence of BOTH boys on their FIRST ice skating adventure!