First Day of School!

We started our first day of the new school year yesterday.  We had fun trying out our new curriculum, but I did hear at the end of the lessons, “when will it be time to study the animals, Mommy?”  

Really?  Again?  Seems like all we’ve done is study animals in school and out for the past year.  I’m standing by my prediction of the zoologist career pathway for now!  (By the way, he was very proud of the fact that he wrote his own name on this sign with the little “dots” like I used on my letters…)

After school we made a quick stop at Dairy Queen for a blizzard with M & M’s and then off to the library to pick up some books.

And finally we spent the afternoon outside, playing in the sandbox.  

In case you hadn’t noticed, we had a LOT of rain here in Central Texas this past weekend, and it left us with quite a few muddy spots in the backyard.  Alex wasted no time at all stepping right in and covering himself in mud.  Too bad you can’t see what the back of him looks like!

It was a pretty good start to a new year!  Now to keep up the momentum…