Christmas Stroll, Georgetown Square

Despite the allergies and the hot weather, Alex and I ventured out for our first Christmas festival of the season this afternoon.  Georgetown, Texas was hosting it’s Annual Christmas Stroll on Main street, and the word FREE stamped all over the flyer grabbed my attention.  First up, the 25 foot tall “Snowzilla” slide (FREE).  It looked really, REALLY tall for a 3 1/2 year old, but he met the height requirement (of course he did) and while we waited he compared notes with the little boy behind him.
The conversation went something like this, Alex – “I’m 3 1/2”. Little boy – “I’m 5 months old.” Little boy’s mom interjects – “No, your 5 years old.”  Little boy – “I’m tall enough to ride the slide.” Little boy’s mom interjects – “just barely”.  Alex – “Well, I’m 3 1/2 and I’m tall enough to ride the slide.”

The first time I went on one side and Alex went on the other.  He loved it.  And wanted to go again.  By himself.  Sigh.  “Mom,” he says, (yes, he calls me mom when he’s serious.  Not mommy…just mom) “You already went once to make sure it wasn’t scary.  You weren’t scared, right?  So I will go by myself this time.”  And he did. Twice.

That’s him looking TINY at the top…

We saw the Grinch, but he didn’t want his picture with the live one, so he settled for this one instead.

Riding the train by himself after tackling the Godzilla of slides was No.Big.Deal.

As if daddy wasn’t already sad enough he had to miss the excitement today, Alex made sure to play hockey (which he almost NEVER wants to do at home) and even scored a goal!

Finally we spent some time walking around the Bethlehem Village, complete with a fully occupied Inn and a beautiful little rendition of the nativity, tucked into a quiet little corner.