This Week

April 22 – April 28, 2012

In the Kitchen

Chocolate chip cookies…always a favorite around here and lots of leftovers to finish out the month.  It’s amazing how many meals I can get out of one crock pot dinner!  Alex is becoming quite the cook and spends more time helping now.  He never hesitates to pull up his stool and dig his fingers in…especially if cookie dough is in reach.

In the Schoolroom

Our second week of our new curriculum.  This week we learned a lot about chickens.  And more about farms.  We also read about Saint Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes and spent some time talking about Saint Michael (he’s Alex’s favorite saint so we talk about him a lot).  We had a lot of fun with Cuisenaire Rods and Pattern Blocks and practiced counting all kinds of things this week too.

From the Library

I just finished reading Faustina, Apostle of Divine Mercy.  I am deeply touched by the true devotion she had to Jesus and her dedication to spreading His message of mercy to the world.  While I have known about the Divine Mercy Chaplet for many years, I have never fully understood the significance of the devotion to it.  A very beautiful and moving story.  My favorite version of the divine mercy chaplet can be found here – Divine Mercy Chaplet in Song.

Around Town

After church last Sunday we took Alex out to Old Settler’s Park to enjoy the lovely weather.  Being Texas, it’s nice for a few weeks and then we’re into summer and the heat become unbearable.  He climbed his first real rockwall, and then he climbed his second, even taller rockwall, and I cringed and closed my eyes while Dustin cheered him on.  I’m not sure if I’m glad to say he didn’t fall at all (because now he’s convinced he can climb anything) or if I wish I could say that an almost fall (just a little scare) had dampened his desire to defy gravity.  Regardless, he has discovered the great joy of trying to give me a heart attack and now he insists on hanging from the ladder on his play-scape “like a monkey”.  Boys will be boys.