The Rest of the Alphabet Path

I’m never going to be able to blog about all the rest of the weeks of the alphabet path and we are getting ready to start a new program this summer, so we simply must move on!  If you’d like to find out what we did for the remaining weeks, visit Serendipity and read all of her wonderful plans and suggestions for Along the Alphabet Path and then hop on over to Catholic Icing with Lacy and check out her absolutely perfect crafts for pre-schoolers.  We’ve had such a great time this past year learning so many new things, reading tons of new books, and following our interests wherever they have led us.  We are looking forward to starting something new this Summer as we slowly settle back into our routine after a busy and very exciting Spring!

A little something to share…

I just had to share because Alex did such a beautiful job and he was so proud of both of these crafts.
I did the cutting ahead of time, but he did all the gluing himself on this one:

He calls her “The Lady Who Works for God”


This one was a special treat because Granny stopped by to do it with him:
Craft time with Granny 
(Obviously I did the writing)
Thanks once again to Laci over at Catholic Icing for the great craft ideas!