A Thanksgiving Treat and The New Bed

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is almost here already.  Where did the time go this month?  Where did the time go this year!?!  Alex received a beautiful gift from Aunt Stacie in the mail today and he’s been playing with it ever since.  It’s a Thanksgiving Cornucopia that includes corn, a turnip, an apple, a tomato, a carrot, a bean, an eggplant, a potato, an acorn squash, a butternut squash, an onion and a pumpkin.  He already knows what most of them are so it’s really cute to watch him sign and try to say the word.  It is so beautifully hand-sewn that I wanted to include a picture:

IMG_7167 IMG_7172

Alex’s new bed arrived today too.  He “helped” Grandpa and Daddy put it together, and he’s been having great fun climbing into it and jumping on it ever since.  It is amazing!  It looks so perfect in his room – I’m glad we didn’t rush out to buy a toddler bed.  It was well worth the wait for something he can keep and pass on to his children some day.  Mom and I haven’t finished making his new quilt for his bed yet, but hopefully we’ll be able to dedicate some time to it soon.  You don’t find the kind of quality furniture these days that you get from hand-made pieces – I think Alex is one lucky kid that he’s got a beautiful bed and an amazing rocking horse made just for him.  His room finally looks like a little boy’s room!

IMG_7176 IMG_7178  IMG_7185