There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the house with an extremely active 18 month old for a few days. Sure, if I thought about it, there probably is something worse, but right now I can not imagine what it would be! We’ve been sick, it’s been rainy, and it’s Texas so it’s still hot even though the first day of Fall has come and gone. We’ve been up in the middle of the night, no one’s had much sleep, and I still can’t taste anything (which delayed my birthday plans, because who wants to go out to a nice dinner if you can’t taste it). But there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Alex is feeling better, Dustin didn’t get sick, and I can breathe again.

And here are a few other little tidbits of news:

  • Our little niece Raegan Elisabeth was born this week (on my birthday). We can’t wait to meet her!
  • Alex has learned to sign and say the letters to spell his name
  • He can say and sign all of the alphabet except h, i, j, p, q, r, u, v, and w (he can sign them, but he doesn’t say them yet)
  • I’ve tricked him into eating broccoli twice
  • He still prefers vegetables over fruit with the exception of cherries, which he’ll eat any time of day or night
  • He loves to feed the ducks when we go walking
  • He’s quite the little helper around the house – he helps unload the dishwasher, he loves to put his daddy’s socks away, and he’s always “helping” me organize my Shaklee brochures

It’s hard to believe September is almost over already. I’m working hard toward being promoted to Director this next month, so if you don’t see a lot of posts, I’m busy working! And Alex will be busy helping me. =) Hopefully we’ll see some cool weather coming our way as we prepare for the month of Halloween and our favorite time of year.

Corpus Christi, The Natural Gardener and “Uncle” Aaron’s Visit

I know, I know.  I’m behind on posting, but it has been a busy couple of weeks and in a very good way!  I won’t write much tonight because Alex was up at 2 a.m. this morning and since we’re both sick, I think we need our sleep more than the pictures need descriptions.  But I will say we had a great time in Corpus with the cousins, and Alex had a lot of fun visiting with Uncle Aaron while he was in town.

While we were in Corpus, all of us went to the Aquarium for a visit, which was a lot of fun because Dustin had never been before.

IMG_1175 IMG_1179









IMG_1265 IMG_1281  IMG_1283

IMG_1290  IMG_1304


Here are a few pictures of Alex and grandma at the Natural Gardener’s Butterfly Garden in South Austin.  He spent a lot of time signing butterfly and flower!




IMG_1318 IMG_1320 IMG_1322 IMG_1326

We drove out to Carlos and Charlie’s on Lake Travis to meet up with Dustin’s friend Aaron for dinner while he was here in town.  He has visited Alex a couple of times when he was younger, but this was the first visit where Alex could really play with him.  Alex had a blast!

IMG_1329 IMG_1348 IMG_1351 IMG_1353 IMG_1354

Walnut Creek Park

This morning the weather was a little cooler than usual (stress little) so we decided to take Alex to Walnut Creek Park to play.  He had a great time and even went down the big slide all by himself.  We took a walk on one of the trails, but he spent most of his time going up and down the stairs on the playscape.  After an hour of playing, you’d think he’d be worn out, right?  Nope!  We got home and he was ready to go outside and play again…

IMG_6780  IMG_6788

IMG_6793  IMG_6800 IMG_6797

IMG_6804  IMG_6807



IMG_6811  IMG_6817

IMG_6831  IMG_6834

IMG_6837  IMG_6839

IMG_6857  IMG_6858

UT Grad in the Making

Friday night we took Alex to his first UT women’s soccer game – UT vs. Navy.  We weren’t sure how well-behaved he would be, but we thought we’d give it a try and I’m glad we did.  He was quite the little spectator.  Take a look:

IMG_6716 IMG_6717

IMG_6727  IMG_6740

IMG_6744   IMG_6751


Yesterday was UT’s first football game of the season.  Dustin declared that we must all be dressed appropriately to watch the game.  (He also insisted we have “game day” food, so he sent me to the store.)  Alex’s new favorite toy – his football!

IMG_6758  IMG_6759

IMG_6763  IMG_6773 IMG_6766

18 Month Well-Baby Checkup

Today Alex had his 18 month check up with Dr. Tache. We knew there would be shots, so I told Dustin he should go too. He didn’t. He should have. Not only were shots involved, there was the minor problem of teeny, tiny little splinters in his feet from playing around the tree mulch in the backyard that had to be removed. And guess who had to hold him down while she cut open a couple of them? Me. Of course. Lucky me.

Dr. Tache had only good things to say about Alex. She said he is growing beautifully. She was impressed with how many words he can say and sign. He weighs 25 pounds 11 ounces now and she said he is right where she wants him to be on the growth chart. She said he’s also grown a lot taller since the last time she saw him and he is in the 85th percentile for his height at 33 3/4 inches tall. She was very impressed with all of his teeth and said he only has a few more to go (there’s something to celebrate) before he’ll have all his baby teeth. She laughed when I said he doesn’t nap anymore. What’s funny about that, I wonder? But then she said that as long as he is getting 11-12 hours of sleep a day, he’s getting enough. She said you can’t make him nap. I said you can’t make him do anything. She laughed again.

So it was a good visit. We finally got those nasty little chicken pox and MMR vaccines out of the way, so he can finally join the soccer league when the next session starts. On our way out the door, she told Alex he had earned a little ice cream treat today. Guess what he’s been signing ever since!

(We’ll go out for ice cream when Dustin gets home. That’s right, he gets the easy job in all this!)