This, That and the Other

We had a whirlwind week while Stacie, Joseph and William were in town, but we had a lot of fun, and enjoyed taking a week off to play.  Here are some more pictures of our adventures:

Playdate at our house with William while Joseph and Stacie went shopping.

IMG_6658 IMG_6662


After shopping, Joseph came by to play too. IMG_6676 We celebrated Grandma’s and Daxson’s birthdays while everyone was together.  Here’s Alex waiting for cake.

IMG_1130 IMG_1140

Alex eating homemade ice cream with grandpa.  He wasn’t so fond of chocolate, but he really liked the pistachio.



It doesn’t happen often, but he fell asleep and no matter what Dustin did, there was no waking him up!

IMG_6685 Here he is dressed for church today


(I know it’s blurry, but it was just too cute to not post!)



We’ve decided he looks pretty dang good in burnt orange!






And finally, here he is, asleep in his new bed!


I think I’ve finally caught up.  I don’t think there will be much to post in the next few weeks, since we have a very busy schedule, but all work this time (well, maybe a little play too!).  But check back from time to time.  You never know when they’ll do something so adorable or hilarious you can’t help but share!

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and The Backyard Sprinkler

What a busy day!  (Believe it or not, he fell peacefully asleep by 7:00 pm tonight…)  This morning we had a great time visiting the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (yes, yes…wild flowers…Dustin said it was a little girly so he couldn’t get too excited, but it turned out he had a lot of fun too).  We saw a HUGE spider, a really wacky sculpture, lots of flowers and butterflies, and Alex had a blast running around outside and climbing up and down the steps.  He followed his cousins, and his cousins followed him, and they all wore themselves out by the time we were done (isn’t that really what it’s all about?).



IMG_1071 IMG_1073 IMG_1075

IMG_6596 IMG_6598

IMG_6599 IMG_6605  IMG_6612

IMG_6617   IMG_6625  IMG_6636 IMG_6644 IMG_6647 IMG_6653 


And if all of that wasn’t enough fun for one day, Alex played outside with Hanna and Indy this evening and spent quite a bit of that time in the sprinkler.  Here are a couple of cute shots of him in the water.

IMG_1089 IMG_1097 IMG_1098 IMG_1106


Of course to make it a little more fun, he decided that being wet would be better if he was sandy too!  As Dustin loves to say, “boys being boys!”

IMG_1121 IMG_1126

More Summer Fun!

It’s hard to believe two weeks have gone by since I last had time to blog.  Yes, we’ve been very busy.  But not with things that are Little Monkey blog-worthy.  I never realized how much time and effort it takes to start a business!  But I’ve had a great little helper these last weeks, and he’s been quite a trooper, so this week we’ve been taking a little time off and having some fun.  Dustin is off of work for a couple of days and Stacie, Joseph and William are visiting Grandma’s, so every day there is something new to do.  Check out the pictures of the fun so far, but be sure to check back later this week for more!

Oh but first, here are a few pictures from our recent excursion to Beuscher State Park with Grandma.






On Sunday, Dustin and I took Alex to Sandy Creek Park on Lake Travis in our search for the perfect spot to enjoy the cool waters of the Lake during these long, hot days of August.  The sandy spot we found was nice, but Alex wasn’t so found of the waves or the noise of boats and people.  He spent a few minutes just floating and cooling off, but mostly he just expressed his displeasure.  Guess we’ll try somewhere else next time!


 IMG_0986 IMG_0989 IMG_0993


IMG_1005 IMG_1009

IMG_1015 IMG_1018

Today we took Alex’s cousins Joseph and William along with Aunt Stacie and Grandma, to the Austin Nature and Science Center. The boys played in the cave, saw a coyote, hawk, raccoon, and other animals, visited the Small Wonders exhibit, played in the Dinosaur Pit, and stopped for lunch on the way out. They all had a great time being boys, and Alex wore himself out enough to fall asleep in the car AND sleep for another hour once we got home.  Awake and re-charged, he enjoyed a pizza party with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Stacie, Joseph and William at our house, and he had a great time showing off all of his toys and his finally almost-finished bedroom.  Here are a few pictures from our day:

IMG_1030 IMG_1036

IMG_1038 IMG_1046

IMG_6558 IMG_6560

IMG_6564  IMG_6567


IMG_6572 IMG_6574 IMG_6576

IMG_6581 IMG_6584  IMG_6588


We’re off on another adventure tomorrow…and another the next day…and another the day after that!  Stop by again soon to see more of our summer fun.