Easter Sunday

I’m a little late getting this posted, but amidst all of the yard work, we were able to enjoy a nice Easter celebration with family. Alex and Dustin dressed up for church and Alex was very well-behaved (this isn’t always the case!).

Alex got an Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa Belcher
Which included some storybooks and toys

And this is the Hawaiian dream dessert I made for after the great dinner Mom put on for all of us with our favorites – ham, green bean casserole and sweet potatoes! And of course she made Texas size homemade dinner rolls.

Alex wasn’t old enough this year to understand what Easter is all about although we read his favorite stories about Easter over and over again, but next year I hope he’ll be a little more involved in the traditions that make Easter such a wonderful holiday!

Working the "Field"

Texas summers can be hard – they’re hot, they’re often dry, and we’re almost always in a drought. Start out with putting down St. Augustine sod in 110 degree weather, add to it two straight weeks of over 100 degree heat, leave out a significant amount of water just to keep it alive, give it a few years and you end up with what you see here:

Half of our backyard as of March 2010
The other half of our backyard as of March 2010
So we decided it would be easiest to start over. Dustin rented a rototiller and started tilling under the whole backyard.
After four hours of hard work, we ended up with a yard that looks like this:

Most of the soil in the backyard is red clay, so the next morning the first dump truck of dirt arrived.

Alex and I had fun watching the pile of dirt grow in the driveway….

…until we realized this was only the first eight cubic yards of dirt!

Knowing there would be two more dump trucks and a total of 24 cubic yards of dirt, Dustin started shoveling into the cart and moving to the backyard as soon as the truck drove away. I can’t count the number of times we commented how lucky we were that Dad let us borrow his yard tractor to pull the cart so we didn’t have to use the wheelbarrow to move all that dirt!

As Dustin made piles in the backyard, it was my job to rake it all out.

Thankfully I had a few “helpers” along the way!

I’m glad he loves getting dirty!

Of course Hanna didn’t want to be left out…

…but Indy worked hard to stay clean. =)

And at the end of the weekend, we had a yard full of dirt and ready for seed!

My friend Kris and I picked out our fruit trees yesterday. Today Alex, Dustin and I are going to pick them up and pick out a shade tree, and then this weekend we’ll be ready to build my garden and plant my little seedlings! Oh, and we now have 14 strawberries growing, and two are turning red and will soon be ready for tasting!