Soccer Star

Alex has found his current favorite sport. Soccer. Which is a good choice since he can join a toddler soccer league at eighteen months and his daddy has already declared he will (join the soccer league…the day he turns eighteen months old).

He loves playing with his puzzles too. (Although he tried eating one of them so we had to take it away until he is a little older.)

He’s developing quite an independent nature and gets easily frustrated when he can’t figure something out himself. He’s extremely stubborn and very persistent. At times it drives us crazy, but we know it will help him as he grows and we love watching his personality develop (and of course we tease each other about where he gets what traits!).

Planting Our Topsy Turvy Hangers!

This past weekend Alex and Dustin helped me plant strawberries and tomatoes in our Topsy Turvy hangers. It was hard work and we’re not convinced the tomato plant will survive the trama of being fit into the tiny little hole at the bottom of the planter, but both of them look pretty hanging on the patio. Alex had fun digging in the dirt and moving the empty containers around the yard and even spent some time chasing Hanna and playing with Dustin. He loves being outside!



Playing on his slide

Playing with dirt!

Today’s Well-Baby Visit

It was finally time to find out if we could start introducing Alex to dairy, so we headed off to the doctor for his well-baby visit today. Here are the results of our afternoon:
  • He weighs 22 pounds 5 ounces
  • He is 32 inches tall
  • We decided to spread out his one-year shots over the next six months, so he received two shots today, he will get two more at 15 months, and he will get his final two at 18 months
  • He got a big thumbs up for overall health
  • Two nurses commented on what a beautiful child he is
  • And…he can start dairy!

Other little tidbits from this week:

  • He started eating off a plate. Okay, what this really means is that he takes the food off the plate and puts it on his highchair tray…and then he eats it.
  • He tried eating out of a bowl. Okay, what this really means is that he tried drinking out of the bowl and dumped all of the food in his lap. So we bought bowls with suction at the bottom. Haven’t tried them yet, but hope we have better success.
  • He now signs “bath”, “milk”, “more”, “dog”, “nice”, “all done” and “dad” (with some prompting). And he knows what “dog” means because he signs “dog” when the dogs go outside or come inside.

A Busy Week

So Alex and I had a pretty busy week this past week! We’ve been steadily making progress on the house (you can actually see the dining room table these days…), he’s been “helping” me build my dream board for my business, we’ve been jogging a few times, we finally got to take our long-awaited walk with Amanda and Anthony, and we are now caught up on laundry (this will never last).
Last night Alex spent the evening with Dustin while Mom and I attended an opportunity presentation for Shaklee, and while he put up a bit of a fight about going to sleep, he was sweetly napping on Dustin’s chest when I got home. Then today Alex and Dustin spent the day together while Mom and I attended the EXCITE training with Shaklee. We had such a great time and I left feeling very inspired and more sure than ever about my decision to start my own business with Shaklee (Shaklee Independent Distributor). I am proud to be able to say that Alex started his life as a Shaklee baby and will grow up to be a Shaklee kid! My favorite moment? Getting to personally meet and talk with Les Wong, a scientist with Shaklee Corporation! Mom and I had a great lunch and I really enjoyed sharing the experience with her. And it seems Dustin and Alex had quite a fun day too. All in all, it was a nice ending to a busy week.
For tomorrow…church, grocery store…and hopefully nice enough weather we can play outside!

Sherwood Forest Faire

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows Dustin and I well, but we love the opportunity to take a break from reality and step back in time at one of the local Renaissance festivals. There’s always hilarious entertainers, fabulous and sometimes unbelievable attire, interesting food, and of course knights on the jousting field, ready for a match. So it was with great anticipation that we packed up the car on Sunday and drove out to the Lost Pines area of Texas for the first annual Sherwood Forest Faire!
This was the opening weekend and unfortunately the jousting field was a bit short for the joust so we were disappointed that we wouldn’t see anyone get knocked off his horse, but two of the knights displayed some of the skills that are practiced while learning to joust. And, we munched on a fried pretzel while we watched (that’s right, fried).

We had fun visiting many of the merchants and even bought Alex his first Renaissance festival T-shirt (although it will take him a year or two to grow into it!).

We always have a great time watching the shows, and this year’s juggler was pretty funny!

Alex enjoyed the sunshine and the ride in his jogger (being in the woods it was a pretty rough ride!). He also got out and ran around for a while. He took a few tumbles and head-dives and came up looking just like a boy playing in the woods – full of leaves, dirt, and smiles!

Apparently it was enough to wear him out. After a hungry-man size lunch, he finally gave in to the sleep monster, but only long enough to re-charge his sometimes seemingly endless supply of energy.

Minus the joust, we had a lot of fun and left wishing we had some Renaissance attire so we’d fit right in with everyone else (Dustin just wants an excuse to wear his sword!). Who knows, with a new sewing machine a little more time to sew, we could have some new fashionable clothing to wear the next time!