My Daybook

Outside my window…it’s cloudy, hinting at the rain to come

I am thinking…about the many ways in which I am blessed and how much I adore this little person in my life

I am thankful for…the laughter of a child

I am wearing…a big smile as I watch the clumsy but amazing steps of a beginning walker

I am remembering…old friends I will soon leave behind

I am going…to savour each moment left this week

I am creating…a happier, healthier home for my family

I am reading…The Sword of Truth Book 5 – Soul of the Fire

I am hoping…for a beautiful weekend

I am hearing…the sound of the washing machine, an occasional snore from one very large cat, and the sounds of a child happily playing

From the kitchen…slowly re-introducing dairy into my diet and re-discovering how truly delicious it can be!

Around the house…where do I start?!?

One of my favorite things…watching Alex sleep

A few plans for the rest of the week…take each minute one at a time, remember what’s important to me, and remind myself that although we may not always know exactly where we are going, sometimes it’s better to keep moving than to just stand still

Alex’s First Steps

Finally! I have a few minutes to post, so I wanted to add the video of Alex’s first steps. Already he is walking around like a pro. He also added a new sign to his vocabulary – he now signs “all done”. So at dinner time he can sign “more” for another bite, and “all done” when he doesn’t want any more. Speaking of food, he still likes avocado, he’s discovered he likes pumpkin, one of his favorites is still butternut squash, and yogurt still brings out the funny faces! He tried blueberries and waffles this week and thinks they’re pretty yummy. He’s working on climbing the stairs, although he has absolutely no fear and will stop halfway up, turn around and lean forward to go back down (we’re still working on the going down part)!

Well, enjoy the video!


Another Milestone…and Other Things!

So, Alex learned to walk this week. Actually, he’s been taking a step or two for a couple of weeks, but he has finally made it from one side of the room to the other…usually in pursuit of one of his four-legged friends (much to their dismay). Already he makes it seem as though he’s been doing it forever. He’s also quite a monkey when it comes to climbing on things, and that includes his daddy. I even caught his first real walk on video, although I make no promises about getting it up on here for everyone to see since we seem to have misplaced the cable for the video camera…typical! Like so many other things that are “missing” in our house right now…but I digress. Other things going on in Alex’s life right now:
  • He has discovered that banging things together can make a lot of noise
  • He still loves to pull on grandpa’s beard (I’m not sure when he’ll outgrow this…although he pulls on daddy’s hair too…and the dogs’ hair, and sometimes even my hair, now that I think about it)
  • He is learning the word “no” (and of course, he doesn’t like it)
  • He can now sign “more”, “milk”, and sometimes even “daddy”
  • He loves to eat…and so far, he has loved just about everything he has tried

He looks like a little minature version of daddy in his button up shirt and slacks…

Future Aggie?
He recently acquired his own cupboard in the kitchen – complete with spatulas, spoons, measuring cups, and of course, a few pots and pans…the loud, obnoxious kind, courtesy of his Aunt Stacie (whom I would love to thank for sending such a thoughtful gift!). The first time he crawled in his cupboard, he cried because he didn’t know how to get out. It didn’t take him long to learn!

These days Hanna and Indy have little “safe” space in a house that formerly belonged to them. They’ve had their whiskers pulled out, a few handfuls of hair removed, their tails pulled, and their feet chewed on…that’s right, he tried to eat their feet. They have found the best place to be is in my chair, just out of reach. Don’t let the lazy pose here fool you – they are always on high alert.

Car rides have gone from a sleeping baby in an infant seat, easy to tote around anywhere and everywhere, to happily transitioning to a “big” boy full convertible car seat, to what we dread these days – screaming, crying and kicking. But like many things, just when you think he’s not being so cute, in the blink of an eye everything changes and you see this:

And he looks just like a sleeping angel and you think there couldn’t be any child more adorable! As my sister always says, everything is just a phase, so we have hopes of once again finding peace in the car…I can only hope it will be sooner rather than later!

Bath Time

From the first day we brought Alex home, I had a special connection to him – to me, breastfeeding has been the single most important decision I have made so far for him. It has given me a tremendous sense of empowerment to know that I have provided the very best nutritional source just as nature intended, and that I have now laid the foundation for his growth and development for years to come. I just recently read an article that said scientists have discovered that breast-fed children continue to see benefits long after their time at the breast has ended. I’ve given him a gift that continues to give!

Well, obviously Dustin could not share this very unique connection with Alex so we discussed some other ways in which he could spend time with Alex and they could grow together. I am pleased to say that bath time could not have been a better choice for more reasons than one! Just as breastfeeding has had its challenges, so too has bath time. (Although I’m happy to say we have all weathered our challenges well and come out mostly no worse for the wear!) Dustin and Alex have gone from the early bath days of trying to hold a tiny little baby in a hard plastic contraption, to encouraging a very wiggly little baby to hold still in a much easier-to-use big bath sponge, to a few weeks of screaming from start to finish (mostly Alex), to today’s excitement when the water starts running and the toys come out. Like everything with children, it’s been a journey – and one I feel certain has many more twists along the way. But it’s one journey I’m glad Dustin has been able to take with Alex. They’ve developed a closer affection for each other because of it.

I love this picture. Every night when Dustin starts the water, Alex comes from wherever he is and stands up beside the tub to watch the water fill. He usually puts ice-cold hands (it is winter right now, even in Texas) on Dustin and looks up at him as if to ask, “is it time yet, Daddy?”.

Winter Celebrations!

Every year I forget how quickly the month of December goes by, and how many things we have to celebrate! First, we celebrated Dustin’s birthday with him on the 21st. Mom and Dad came down for a pizza dinner and then of course birthday cake. Alex didn’t show much interest in helping Dustin open his gifts, but maybe next year! He did pose for a picture…

On Christmas Eve we took Alex to the 5:00 p.m. Christmas mass at St. Austin’s Catholic Church . He dressed up in a very cute little outfit his Grandma and Grandpa Evonick bought for him. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find black shoes in his size, so he ended up wearing a pair that were a bit big (and made his feet look huge!) but babies can get away with that kind of thing.
After mass, Grandma and Grandpa Belcher came down to our house for a light dinner and to open family gifts. Wow! I haven’t seen that many gifts under the tree since I was a kid! When Mom and Dad said they bought a lot of things for Alex, they weren’t kidding! After opening all of his gifts from family, he had all kinds of new toys, a few clothes, a few books, a couple of first year ornaments, a Christmas stocking, some pictures, a swimming pool, some things to put his toys in, and a few other little goodies. A very good Christmas for him!
Here he is with his new Sports Center

On Christmas morning we woke up early and played with his new toys for a little while. Then Grandma and Grandpa came down to watch Alex open his gifts from Santa. (Of course we all had some gifts in our stockings too…Santa was good to all of us this year!) He got more toys from Santa, and a swing and slide set for outdoors. Hopefully he can play outside and enjoy the sunshine when it warms up! For Christmas dinner Alex, Dustin and I went down to Mom and Dad’s for prime rib and baked potatoes – a Christmas tradition (and favorite!). By Chistmas night we were all tired but happy! After bathtime, Alex got to wear his special Christmas pajamas. Here he is helping get his washcloth from under the changing table (more likely, this is just before he pulled them all out and threw them around the room. He’s always helpful like that!).

It says “My first Christmas 2009 Alex” on his little bottom

We’re thankful for the many blessings we have been given this year, and for the love of family and friends who have helped make all of these moments with Alex so very special for us. It’s hard to believe we are heading into a new year and Alex will be a year old soon. Happy New Year to everyone!